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The future of water infrastructure

Nicole Lampe December 8, 2020
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With Congress considering billions of dollars in infrastructure funding to help rebuild the economy, we worked with WaterNow Alliance on a video making the case that the next wave of water investments should focus on green and localized infrastructure. 

From green streets to stormwater parks and on-site water recycling systems, we are seeing communities across the country embrace solutions designed to make wiser use and reuse of existing water supplies.'

Our new Future of Water video, below, was inspired by WaterNow's Tap into Resilience campaign, and designed to showcase the localized water projects springing up across the country. Many rely on nature, and provide bonus benefits like cleaner air, urban cooling and outdoor access. 


Future of Water video


We hope you will watch and share the video, using hashtag #FutureofWater. 



Featured photo courtesy of Marcela Gara/Resource Media and Washington Environmental Council, who have a wonderful green infrastructure photo library here

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