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Meena Hussain

Meena is the Senior Manager of Digital at The Water Hub.

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Announcing the digital strategies & communications grantees

Meena Hussain December 5, 2020

When I think about what it means to lead with equity in the movement space, I tend to think about what impact I can make as an individual. Rarely do I have the opportunity to think about how we can be equitable on a grander scale and implement a strategy like redistributing funding. 

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Digital organizing with Community Water Center

Meena Hussain October 30, 2020

I am thrilled to share the virtual recording with you of our latest workshop at Water Hub about Digital Organizing. I facilitated this workshop in partnership with Jerry Jimenez at Community Water Center, who is a trusted partner ... Read More

Yes You Canva!

Meena Hussain August 10, 2020

I have some exciting news: the Water Hub did its first-ever workshop and it was a Canva workshop! We talked all about making memes and how to use Canva to create your designs.

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Relating with COVID-19 and the frank 2020 gathering

Meena Hussain May 29, 2020

Once upon a time in a land far far away, I hopped on two planes to head to Gainesville, Florida for the frank gathering. This was in early February of this year, but why does it feel like 80 years ago because of COVID-19? What an innocent ... Read More

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