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Voters want U.S. to invest in water

Sarah Bucci March 18, 2021

More than 9 in 10 voters (93%) believe fixing America’s outdated and unsafe drinking water systems should be a top priority for President Biden’s economic recovery plan, according to our Read More

Tracking water news in the West

Nicole Lampe March 5, 2021

Following up on last summer's analysis of water news in COVID times, the Water Hub team just completed a Read More

To op-ed or not ... what's the alternative?

Kimiko Martinez December 17, 2020

If you're in comms, submitting op-eds is probably part of your go-to arsenal of tactics. And if you're an advocate, you've probably written one or tried to place one. But are they really an effective tool? 

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Announcing the digital strategies & communications grantees

Meena Hussain December 5, 2020

When I think about what it means to lead with equity in the movement space, I tend to think about what impact I can make as an individual. Rarely do I have the opportunity to think about how we can be equitable on a grander scale and implement a strategy like redistributing funding. 

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Reflecting on our first year

Nicole Lampe December 15, 2020

Last winter, the Water Hub team met with our Advisory Group* for the first time. We ate arepas and discussed our Western water landscape ... Read More

The future of water infrastructure

Nicole Lampe December 8, 2020

With Congress considering billions of dollars in infrastructure funding to help rebuild the economy, we worked with WaterNow Alliance on a video making the case that the next wave of water investments should focus on green and localized ... Read More

Wildfires and water in the West

Sarah Bucci November 30, 2020


This year’s catastrophic Western wildfires made headlines across the country. With rains returning to much of the region, we invited four experts to talk with us about the intersection of fire and western watersheds in the age of climate change.

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The Color of Water: Building voice & visibility for BIPOC in the water movement

Kimiko Martinez November 10, 2020


When I started my career as a reporter 20 years ago, I didn’t know the first thing about power and voice. I knew that I wanted to uncover truth and to share stories that might help people look at issues in a new way. I wanted to connect with people over their lived experiences and to share their ... Read More

Digital organizing with Community Water Center

Meena Hussain October 30, 2020

I am thrilled to share the virtual recording with you of our latest workshop at Water Hub about Digital Organizing. I facilitated this workshop in partnership with Jerry Jimenez at Community Water Center, who is a trusted partner ... Read More

Water justice in a warming world

Sarah Bucci October 23, 2020

I joined the Water Hub team a few weeks ago and am excited to introduce myself to our community of western water communicators, advocates and partners. Hello! 👋

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